Full House Policy

StatusCommittee Approved
DateNovember 2018

The commitee have agreed the following policy in the event that we get more players turing up that we have tables to accomodtate them.

  1. Spaces will be allocates on a first-come first-served basis, based on the arrival time of the first member of a partnership.
  2. Visitors and Members will have equal seating rights.
  3. The only reservataions will be for the Tournament Director and the Milk Monitpr
  4. Players sent hold will be given a free play for the next time they attend (within three months)
  5. Anybody who does not get a seat can stay and kibitz, with free tea and coffee.


  1. Why are visitors allowed to play in preference to members? It is practicality. The old policy used to give two members priority over a member playing with a visitor, who in turn had priority over two visitors. This will only happen on a Monday evening when we have over 21 tables. At that point we will have two half tables in the kitchen as well as 20 tables squeezed into the main hall. Trying to determine who is visitor and which visitors arrived last when we have over 80 players is a nightmare. You have to remember that this is all likely to be taking place at 7pm.
  2. Why do we give priority to partnerships where only one player is present over ones where both are present? Again its a question of practicality. It’s a complication we don’t want to deal with when we have enough on our plate.
  3. Why do the Tournament Director and Milk Monitor have reservations? This is never going to be an issue as they shouldn’t be the last to arrive. But … we need a Tournament Director, and the Milk Monitor has paid for their table money by providing the milk.
  4. What happens if the person sent home was a passenger whose driver has a seat? Either their partner can take them home or they will have to stay and kibitz.
  5. What happens if the person sent home was the driver that brought players who have a seat? They must arrange for their passengers to get a lift home with other drivers, or they can return at the end, or they can stay and kibitz.

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