Status of Tournament Director Rulings

If you think the Director has made a mistake with a ruling then:

You may ask for the ruling to be read from the rule book

If you still disagree with the ruling then:

Forget about it
Ask for an appeal
Have an informal word with the Senior Director (Steve Wright) – His door is always open

In all circumstances players must accept the ruling at the time and get on with the game.


If you wish to appeal then you must inform the Director BEFORE they leave the building. The Director needs to record the facts which are then passed onto the Senior Director, who will review and organise an Appeals Committee.

The facts include the following details:

  • Deal
  • Auction
  • The order that the cards were played
  • Any alert, explanations and comments made by the players at the time
  • The table result
  • The basis for the appeal

Both sides and the Director have the opportunity to make comments for the benefit of the appeals committee. However the longer the appellant leaves it to appeal, the more disputed the facts can become and any doubt will be found in favour of the non-appellants. In particular, when the opposition have left the building it can be some time before the Senior Director can contact them to elicit their version of the events.

An appeals committee can only overturn a Director’s JUDGEMENT ruling. It cannot overturn a BOOK ruling or a DISCIPLINARY ruling.

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