Jubilee Trophy

This Trophy comprises 4 goblets, presented to the Club by Dr. Jim Anderson in 1977 in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee year. Dr Anderson “would like a ‘handicap’ to be applied to spread the winners around the club.”

This is now a Teams of Four competition, the Teams being pre-selected by a handicap based on pairs’ performances in the Hercock Trophy over the summer.

1977-78Molly Hings & Nell Wain
Betty Smith & Ernest Crook
1978-1979Peter & Joan Dearden
Roger Bird & Mr Barnes
1979-1980Barbara Hercock & Pat Riley
Betty Smith & Ernest Crook
1980-1981Jean Clayton & Barbara Holland
Graham & Beryl Lloyd
1981-1982Dennis Davis & Roger Bird
Betty Smith & Ernest Crook
1982-1983Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
Violet Davis & Irene Orton
1983-1984Ken Morton & Don Walker
Ruby Lowes & Mrs Allen
1984-1985Ken Morton & Don Walker
Violet Davis & Irene Orton
1985-1986Mary France & Beryl Jones
Ruby Lowes & Mrs Douglas
1986-1987Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
Dennis Davis & Peter Oswin
1987-1988Howard & Ruth Tyler
Terry & Kath Stevenson
1988-1989Roger Bird & Win Stocker
Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
1989-1990Joan Richardson & Ron Parker
Molly Hings & Doreen Burgess
1990-1991Edna McLintic & Mrs Bowen
Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
1991-1992Mary France & Renee Berrington
Barbara Hercock & Pat Riley
1992-1993Betty Smith & Barbara Hercock
Jean Clayton & Barbara Holland
1993-1994Winners list lost from records
1994-1995Howard Bowen & Barry Kellie
Molly Hings & Doreen Burgess
1995-1996Pam Leeson & Malcolm Thompson
Beryl Jones & Helen Purser
1996-1997Pat Simpson & K. Hughes
Renee Berrington & Brenda Harris
1997-1998Jean Pearson & Steve Wright
Renee Berrington & Mike Cockayne
1998#-1999Jim Duncan & Maurice Smith
Pam Lang & Dorothy Blake
1999-2000Betty Smith & Ken Skinner
Ian & Pam Inglis
2000-2001Jim Duncan & Maurice Smith
Mike Cockayne & Don Walker
2001-2002Brenda Harris & Ron Parker
Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
2002-2003Jean Pearson & Steve Wright
Brenda Harris & Pat Simpson
2003-2004Jean Pearson & Steve Wright
Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
2004-2005Pam Knight & Cathy Moloney
Jean Clayton & Gerry Trevains
2005-2006Brian Austin & Harold Wise
Mike Cockayne & Don Walker
2006-2007Diana Bowden & Pauline Dignan
Eleanor Freshwater & Jackie Highfield
2007-2008Gail Tillen & Gladys Skinner
Eleanor Freshwater & Jackie Highfield
2008-2009Pat Simpson & Barrie Parker
Hazel Byford & Janet Green
2009-2010Lynda Simmons & Pauline Taylor
David Twells & Tony France
2010-2011Joan Hope & Jo Northam
Gail Tillen & Gladys Skinner
2011-2012Sue Northen & Sylvia Shipman
Phil Hinds & Syd Kerslake
2012-2013Sue Northen & Sylvia Shipman
Brenda Harris & Monica Lucas
2013-2014Joan Hope & Paul Anderson
Jackie Highfield & June Thompson
2014-2015Phil Watts & Nick Daniels
Susie Perrett & Sarah Gilbert
2015-2016Michael & Julie Jones
Jane Nichols & Madeline Frings
2016-2017David Potter & David Twells
Eleanor Freshwater & Jackie Highfield

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