Bradgate Plate

The Bradgate Plate (originally known as The Bradgate Trophy) was bought by the Club in 1975 for the sum of £41.84.

It is a pairs competition played over four weeks in November, with the best 3 scores to count.

The winner of this event is invited to represent the Club in Leicestershire’s Hyman Crammer Trophy.

The Trophy is inscribed with the names of the winners – there was clearly some confusion in the late 1980’s/early 1990’s between the Club’s minutes and the inscriptions – both are shown below.

1975-1976Frank & Ethel Kettle 
1976-1977Aida Robson & Neville Davis
1977-1978Patrick & Pam Leeson
1978-1979Joan Richardson & Ron Parker
1979-1980Patrick & Pam Leeson
1980-1981Aida Robson & Neville Davis
1981-1982Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1982-1983Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1983-1984Roger Bird & Dennis Davis
1984-1985Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
1985-1986Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
1986-1987Howard Stevens & Brian OwenTrophy has two 86/87 entries - the other is Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
1987-1988Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1988-1989Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1989-1990Howard Stevens & Brian OwenTrophy says Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
1990-1991Aida Robson & Pam LeesonTrophy says Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1991-1992Howard Stevens & Brian OwenTrophy says Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
1992-1993Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1993-1994Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1994-1995Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1995-1996Joan Richardson & Ron Parker
1996-1997Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1997-1998Pam Leeson & Malcolm Thompson
1998-1999Pam Leeson & Howard Stevens
1999-2000Pam Leeson & Pat Simpson
2000-2001Jean Pearson & Steve Wright
2001-2002Jim Duncan & Maurice Smith
2002-2003Pam Leeson & Pat Simpson
2003-2004Chris Allen & Colin Barfield
2004-2005Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
2005-2006Chris Allen & Colin Barfield
2006-2007Cathy Moloney & Pam Knight
2007-2008Chris Allen & Colin Barfield
2008-2009Pam Leeson & Howard Stevens
2009-2010Diana Bowden & Richard Rees
2010-2011Pauline Dignan & Val Rees
2011-2012Diana Bowden & Richard Rees
2012-2013David Twells & Tony France
2013-2014Chris Allen & Colin Barfield
2014-2015Diana Bowden & Richard Rees
2015-2016Pat Simpson & Barrie Parker
2016-2017Steve & Anne Wright
2017-2018Nick Daniels & Phil Watts

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