Patterson Pots


These were the first Trophies to be played for at the Club.   They were presented by Dr. and Mrs. Henry Patterson in 1970 and first played for on 27th October of that year.

A pairs competition on one evening in January, originally there was one trophy for each N/S and E/W winning pair.  The event has been arrow-switched since 1997/98, so that there is only one winning pair.


1971-1972Not recorded
1972-1973Not recorded
1973-1974Violet Davis & Irene Orton
Joan Richardson & Neville Davis
1974-1975Dr. Henry & Beryl Patterson
Violet Davis & Irene Orton
1975-1976Ray Alexander & Jack Simpson
Betty Smith & Ernest Crook
1976-1977Barbara Hercock & Pat Riley
Betty Smith & Ernest Crook
1977-1978Dr. Jim & Olive Anderson
tied N/S with
Joan Richardson & Ron Parker
Gordon Musson & Ken Skinner
1978-1979Aida Robson & Neville Davis
Patrick & Pam Leeson
1979-1980Aida Robson & Neville Davis
Joan Richardson & Ron Parker
1980-1981Gordon Musson & Ken Skinner
Patrick & Pam Leeson
1981-1982Pat Riley & Jean Symington
Violet Davis & Irene Orton
1982-1983Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
Jean Symington & Mrs Flavell
1983-1984Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
Mrs Hughes & Win Stocker
1984-1985Howard & Ruth Tyler
Joan Richardson & Ron Parker
1985-1986Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
Barbara Hercock & Pat Riley
1986-1987Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
Howard & Ruth Tyler
1987-1988Terry Dwyer & Mr Northam
Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1988-1989Richard & Betty Smith
Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1989-1990Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
Ken Skinner & Don Walker
1990-1991Joan Richardson & Ron Parker
Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1991-1992Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
E/W winners not recorded
1992-1993Dennis Davis & Neville Davis
Violet Davis & Irene Orton
1993-1994Winners list lost from records
1994-1995Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
Brenda Harris & Pam Smith
1995-1996Doug Morris & Phil Hinds
Howard Bowen & Barry Kellie
1996-1997Jean Pearson & Steve Wright
Pam Leeson & Malcolm Thompson
1997-1998Sheila Abel & Mavis Wilson
1998-1999Pat Simpson & Ken Skinner
1999-2000Renée Berrington & ???? (illegible)
2000-2001Jim Duncan & Maurice Smith
2001-2002Jean Pearson & Steve Wright
2002-2003Jo Northam & Joan Hope
2003-2004Olive McClain & Marian Paisley
2004-2005Pam Leeson & Pat Simpson
2005-2006Mary France & Howard Stevens
2006-2007Mary France & Howard Stevens
2007-2008June Thompson & Miriam Redden
2008-2009Terry & Kath Stevenson
2009-2010Chris Allen & Colin Barfield
2010-2011Mary France & Howard Stevens
2011-2012Diana Bowden & Pauline Dignan
2012-2013Howard Stevens & Phil Watts
2013-2014Tracy Jarvis & Gary Jones
2014-2015Margaret Butterworth & Gary Jones
2015-2016Diana Bowden & Pauline Dignan
2016-2017Steve & Anne Wright
2017-2018Steve & Anne Wright

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