Tyler Trophies

The Tyler Trophies were bought by the Club for the sum of £24 in 1973 and named after Mr. Howard Tyler, the Club’s first Chairman, “in thanks for his hard work and enthusiasm in starting the original bridge club.”.

The Trophies are played for in a pairs competition played over four weeks in February, with the best 3 scores to count.

1972-1973Frank & Ethel Kettle
1973-1974Howard & Ruth Tyler
1974-1975Howard & Ruth Tyler
1975-1976Violet Davis & Irene Orton
1976-1977Howard & Ruth Tyler
1977-1978Violet Davis & Irene Orton
1978-1979Patrick & Pam Leeson
1979-1980Betty Smith & Ernest Crook
1980-1981Graham & Beryl Lloyd
1981-1982Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1982-1983Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1983-1984Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1984-1985Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1985-1986Ken Skinner & Alex Cairns
1986-1987Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1987-1988Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1988-1989Patrick Leeson & Neville Davis
1989-1990Jean Pearson & Mrs E. Davies
1990-1991Molly Hings & Doreen Burgess
1991-1992Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1992-1993Aida Robson & Pam Leeson
1993-1994Winners list lost from records
1994-1995Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1995-1996Howard Stevens & Brian Owen
1996-1997Betty Smith & Ken Skinner
1997-1998Pam Leeson & Malcolm Thompson
1998-1999Mary France & Howard Stevens
1999-2000Ruby Lowe & Monica Lucas
2000-2001Jim Duncan & Maurice Smith
2001-2002Pam Leeson & Pat Simpson
2002-2003Dennis & Violet Davis
2003-2004Pam Leeson & Howard Stevens
2004-2005Pam Leeson & Howard Stevens
2005-2006Mary France & Howard Stevens
2006-2007Don Walker & Mike Cockayne
2007-2008Gilly Walton & Sue Tyler
2008-2009Tracy Jarvis & Gary Jones
2009-2010Pam Leeson & Howard Stevens
2010-2011David Twells & Tony France
2011-2012Howard Stevens & Phil Watts
2012-2013Steve & Anne Wright
2013-2014Diana Bowden & Richard Rees
2014-2015Steve & Anne Wright
2015-2016Nick Daniels & Phil Watts
2016-2017Nick Daniels & Phil Watts
2017-2018Steve & Anne Wright

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