Conditions of Entry


Version 1
Status Awaiting Committee approval
Date 2nd April 2018

All bridge sessions at Bradgate Bridge Club shall be played under the Laws of Duplicate Bridge, the EBU Blue Book and EBU White Book.

Players are expected to abide by Best Behaviour at Bridge.

Players are expected to call for a Tournament Director’s ruling when something goes wrong at their table and not to “guess” the ruling. Our Directors have had EBU training and have been issued with a Law Book which details the correct procedure that should be followed.

Calling for a Director’s ruling is not about punishing the opponents. It is about making sure that the offenders do not gain an unfair advantage, either over their opponents at the table or over the other players sitting in the same direction.

Publishing results

All results, where appropriate, will be published on BridgeWebs, usually with 24 hours.

Players may request, in writing to the Tournament Secretary, that future results be published under a pseudonym. In order to achieve this, the name held in EBU Score (our scoring program) will need to be changed to that pseudonym. This means that the pseudonym will be displayed on the Bridgemates.

Sharing results with other organisations

If an EBU number is provided then, where appropriate, the results will be uploaded to the EBU so that NGS ratings and Master Point rankings can be updated.

Appealing Tournament Director’s decisions

At the table, players have the right for the Tournament Director to read the ruling from the Law Book. Players must accept the Director’s ruling and proceed with the game.

If a player wishes to appeal a Director’s ruling then they must give notice to Director-in-Charge before he leaves the building.

Appealing Scoring Mistakes

Players may appeal any scoring mistakes, provided they contact the Tournament Secretary with 7 days of the results being published.

Withholding NGS ratings and EBU Master Point Rankings

Players have the ability within My EBU, on the EBU’s website, to withhold their NGS rating and EBU Master Point ranking from other players. However this may adversely affect their handicap in certain competitions or even bar them from others.


The Thompson Trophy and the Charity Pairs are handicapped events. The handicap is normally determined by the performance of the players at all club sessions over the previous 12 months.

However, where a player has only played a few times, the Tournament Secretary may use their NGS rating or EBU Master Point ranking to determine their handicap instead as it will be a more accurate reflection of their ability. If a player chooses to withhold their NGS rating and/or EBU Master Point ranking then Tournament Secretary will estimate their handicap, erring in favour of the players who do not withhold their details.

The Roger Bird Trophy is a seeded teams of four. The Tournament Secretary uses the NGS rating to determine the seeded pairs. Players that withhold their NGS rating might get incorrectly marked as seeded and thus paired with a weaker pair as team mates.

The Jubilee Teams is a teams of four event where the top pair in the Hercock Trophy gets paired with the bottom pair, and so on. If a pair has not played in the Hercock Trophy, then the Tournament Secretary estimates their ranking based on the results they played with other players during that competition, or results that pair have achieved over the previous 12 months, or the NGS of that pair. Players that withhold their NGS may end up being ranked higher than their ability and thus pairs with a weaker pair.

The Bradgate Cup is awarded to the player that has achieved the highest increase in the NGS rating over the previous 12 months. If a player chooses to withhold their NGS rating then they are not eligible for this Cup.

Chicago Knockout

At least one member of the partnership must be a member of the club. They must provide a contact telephone number and/or email address. This will be shared with other players in the competition.

LCBA Winter League and Samani Salver

In order to represent the club in a team competition, each player must provide their captain with a contact telephone number and/or email address. This will be shared with the vice-captain.

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