Promotion and Relegation Policy

Date18th March 2018


This note covers the eventuality that a lower-ranked team (say Bradgate B) gets promoted and a higher-ranked team (say Bradgate A) gets relegated in the same season.

If they swap Divisions (eg A goes down to Div 2 and B goes up to Div 1), LCBA have confirmed that the team starting the following season in the higher Division will be called Bradgate A and the lower-placed team will be called Bradgate B.  (This is not specified in the current LCBA rules, but the League secretary, John Wilcox, has confirmed that this is the position.)

The Club policy in these circumstances is:

  • The Captain of the promoted team (“the New A Team”) becomes the New A Team Captain and the Captain of the relegated team (“the New B Team”) becomes the New B Team captain.
  • The squad of players who won promotion should form the squad of the New A Team, and so this squad becomes ‘Bradgate A’ under the LCBA rules.
  • The squad of the relegated team becomes the squad of the New B team.
  • This does not stop members of the promoted team who want to continue to play in a lower division from doing so, but they should feel under no pressure to make way for players from the New B Team.
  • As members of the New B Team will be available to play for the New A Team, careful management of team selection should allow the New A Team to stay in the higher division and the New B Team to get promoted and join them.

LCBA have, on an exceptional basis, allowed two teams in the bottom Division to have equal standing in the league (as at present C Red and C Blue have equal standing).

If one of these teams is promoted and the other is not, the promoted team will automatically, under LCBA rules, become the Bradgate C Team and the team which stays behind in the lower divisions will become the Bradgate D Team.  Normal LCBA rules will apply, concerning the requirement for Bradgate C to nominate players, and the inability of Bradgate C nominated players to play for Bradgate D as subs.

If both C Red and C Blue win promotion, it is unlikely that LCBA will allow the current C Red and C Blue situation to remain – one will have to become Bradgate C and one Bradgate D.

In these circumstances, the team which won promotion with the highest number of VP’s becomes Bradgate C and the other team becomes Bradgate D

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